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The Law Offices of Martin Hart, LLC, is a full-service criminal defense law firm providing criminal defense solutions to the residents of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Laughlin, Mesquite, and throughout Nevada. Principal criminal defense Attorney Martin W. Hart is diligent and thorough in his case research and clears criminal records whenever possible.

Are you or a loved one facing criminal charges in Las Vegas or elsewhere in the state of Nevada? The time to act is now. The Revised Nevada Statutes prescribe relatively severe sentencing guidelines, as compared to many other states. 

Both misdemeanor and felony charges can result in long-lasting and life-changing penalties, and your chances of avoiding a conviction and a worst-case-scenario sentence are much lower without experienced, local legal representation.

At The Law Offices of Martin Hart, we stand ready to assist you with top-tier Las Vegas criminal defense across a wide range of practice areas. Attorney Martin Hart has deep knowledge of Nevada law and of local Las Vegas Area court processes. He has a strong track record of winning cases just like yours, and he will know how to build you a solid, case-specific defense.

To learn more or to avail yourself of a free, no-obligation legal consultation, call us anytime 24/7 at 702-380-4278. Or, if you prefer, you can complete our on-site contact form and get a prompt response.

About Attorney Martin Hart

Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer Martin Hart brings a unique combination of skills and insight to the table that can help you win your case.

He not only possesses intricate knowledge of Nevada and local law (down to the legal minutia), but he also has the ability to anticipate the prosecution's next move and effectively counter it: that's because Martin Hart is himself a former prosecutor who has "inside information" on how the D.A.'s office works and on how prosecutor's select and pursue their cases. Understanding both sides is a huge advantage when you step into the courtroom, and it's our clients at The Law Offices of Martin Hart who receive the benefits of that advantage.

In addition to his experience at the D.A.'s office, defense attorney Martin Hart also draws on his experience as an instructor at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, where he was involved with search and seizure, Miranda, and civil forfeiture issues. He has a firm understanding of how police officers think, work, and operate in a court room setting as witnesses. 

Our Commitment to You

At The Law Offices of Martin Hart, we bring you more than just legal knowledge and experience, and the unique background of defense attorney Martin Hart himself, we also bring you a focused, dedicated commitment to you, to each and every client we take on.

Some law firms function in ways that are unethical and do not serve the best interests of their clients. For example, "law mills" exists that knowingly take on far more clients than they could possibly handle, then farm them out to other, less experienced lawyers, reaping a "royalty fee" off the "referral." That's not what we do here. We give each client we take on personal attention and always assign them to a defense attorney who has deep experience in the relevant practice area(s). 

Another thing that sets us apart at The Law Offices of Martin Hart is the respect with which we treat our clients. We always give you full confidentiality, always keep you informed of new developments in your case, and never make decisions on the direction of your case without your full knowledge and consent. We promptly return your phone calls, answer and respond to emails without delay, and keep our office doors open to welcome new and existing clients at all times.

Finally, it should be said that our vision here at The Law Offices of Martin Hart is to win the best possible outcome to every case for every client we serve. We fight with tenacity and exercise our full legal acumen in working to win your case. We put ourselves in your shoes and fight for you like we would want to be fought for were our situations reversed.

Our Practice Areas

We at The Law Offices of Martin Hart have extensive experience across a wide range of criminal defense practice areas. Our knowledge extends well beyond mere familiarity with the law down to the "nitty gritty" details of the legal process.

That means knowing how to fight for a dismissal pre-trial and how to negotiate a favorable plea deal as well as how to argue your case in court. And it includes things like knowing the exact procedures to follow in specific courts or knowing the tendencies of judges and prosecutors ahead of time because we've seen them before in past cases.

From arraignments to briefs to cross-examining witnesses to forging a forcible defense in your behalf, we can guide you through the whole criminal justice process step by step, and in dozens of different practice areas.

Here are the basics of some of our most common case-types. You can learn more by visiting the practice area pages here on our website, but here is a basic overview:

  1. DUI, DWI, and Traffic Violations

Driving under the influence of alcohol or an intoxicating drug (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a severely punished offense in Las Vegas and Nevada. Even a first-time offense can get you up to 6 months in jail, a maximum fine of $1,000, and a 90-day license suspension, besides DUI Class and possible mandatory installation of an IID (ignition interlock device.)

And other traffic violations like reckless driving, excessive speeding, evading an officer, or hit and run can also receive severe sentences and threaten your license and your freedom.

We at The Law Offices of Martin Hart have deep experience in winning driving crime and traffic violation cases at the DMV or in a jury trial. While many suppose that DUIs and other driving offenses are impossible to defeat, this is simply not true. We gain dismissals, reduced charges, and lighter sentences on such charges on a routine basis.

  1. Assault and Battery

Assault and battery crimes can be either misdemeanors or felonies in Nevada, depending on the severity of the alleged incident. More minor offenses might result in being sentenced to community service, while more extreme incidents can lead to long terms in state prison.

If a "deadly weapon" was used by the offender or if "substantial bodily harm" was inflicted, a felony charge and jail/prison time is likely to be pursued by the prosecutor.

Assault and battery charges are often filed falsely or exaggerated, frequently by someone seeking revenge or due to a false identification. It is also common for a misunderstanding where no wrongful intent existed to be charged as assault and battery. We have a lot of experience in defending against these kinds of charges and will be able to build you a solid defense.

  1. Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a class of crimes defined not so much by actions as by the person against whom those actions are taken. If an assault and/or battery, sexual assault, criminal threat, or a number of other crimes are committed against a spouse, romantic partner, or any family member, it becomes "domestic violence."

There are enhanced punishments for domestic violence as compared to the "non-domestic" equivalent crimes. Short jail terms and community service are likely for less egregious forms of domestic violence and/or first-time offenses. But more serious violations can get you significant time in jail/prison.

At The Law Offices of Martin Hart, we realize how easy and common it is for false accusation of domestic violence to be alleged. We know how to cross-examine witnesses to get to the bottom of "what really happened" and, when necessary, how to negotiate for a lighter sentence or a lesser charge.

  1. Drug Crimes

Use of illegal drugs, and illegal use of prescription drugs, are far too common in Las Vegas and surrounding areas. This sometimes leads to police assuming your guilt rather than giving you fair treatment. And it is easy to "look guilty" and have your rights ignored in court as well without the help of a skilled drug crimes defense attorney.

Drug crimes cover a wide swathe of territory, from mere possession or personal use of a controlled substance, to possession for sale, sale, transport, trafficking, and other high-profile drug violations.

It is critical to rely on a lawyer who understands the details of how each of these drug crimes is defined and punished. Attorney Martin Hart has deep experience in winning for his clients across the full gamut of drug-related criminal charges.

  1. Theft Crimes

We can defend you against a wide range of Nevada theft crimes, including: petit larceny (stealing of items valued under $650), grand larceny (stolen items valued at or over $650), burglary (entering a building/car with intent to steal something inside, robbery (theft by force or threat), larceny from a person (pick pocketing), possession of stolen property, fraud/forgery crimes like writing a bad check, and more.

Common defenses include: lack of intent to steal, right of ownership or reasonable belief therein, and lack of knowledge that you received stolen property.

  1. Sex Crimes

Some of the worst crimes you can be accused of are those related to sex. "Sexual assault" is the term in Nevada law for, essentially, rape or sexual battery. "Statutory sexual seduction" is the Nevada term for "statutory rape." "Open or gross lewdness" refers to indecent exposure, and there are special classes of crimes when teacher-student relationships are violated, when sex workers are involved, or when sex crimes involve children and use of the Internet.

We at The Law Offices of Martin Hart understand how devastating even a sex crime charge can be, but we know how to expose weaknesses in the prosecution's case to at least prevent a conviction or get a reduced charge/sentence.

  1. Murder

We at The Law Offices of Martin Hart do not shy away from extreme felony charges like murder; we do not avoid the hard cases or assume someone guilty but work hard to defend your rights in court.

Whether charged with first or second degree murder, (premeditated or through reckless indifference), we will know how to build you the strongest possible defense.

Personal Injury Cases

At The Law Offices of Martin Hart, besides handling criminal defense cases, we also have expertise in filing and pursuing Nevada personal injury claims.

Be sure you file your claim before the two-year statute of limitations runs out. And be sure to rely on a well seasoned personal injury attorney who understands Nevada's "shared fault rule" and how negligence is defined and proved under Nevada tort law.

There are specific rules and procedures that apply to automobile accidents, slip and fall incidents, construction or workplace injuries, medical malpractice suits, bicycle or motorcycle accident injuries, nursing home neglect/abuse, and premise liability matters.

At The Law Offices of Martin Hart, we can help you win full and fair compensation regardless of the exact type of accident/injury involved. We know how to negotiate with insurance companies and at-fault parties and can often win a fair settlement without ever having to step foot in the courtroom.

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If you have recently been arrested on criminal charges in Las Vegas or elsewhere in Nevada, or if you are looking for help in pursuing a Nevada personal injury suit, we can help.

The Law Offices of Martin Hart serves the people of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Laughlin, Mesquite, and numerous other Nevada communities with top-tier legal defense across a wide range of practice areas.

We also serve clients facing possible immigration consequences, and provide services not only for English-speakers but also for speakers of Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Korean.

We stand ready to rush to your assistance at a moment's notice with legal advice and representation that stands head and shoulders above the competition and that gives you a distinct advantage in the courtroom.

For a free legal consultation on the details of your case, do not hesitate to contact us anytime 24/7/365 by calling 702-380-4278, by filling out our online contact form, or by visiting us in our Las Vegas office located at 229 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Suite #200.

For legal representation and expert counsel contact Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney Martin Hart:

Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer Martin Hart is a former prosecutor who has built a solid working relationship with the Las Vegas, Nevada D.A. office. The experience of both defending and pursuing a criminal charge provides Attorney Martin Hart with an invaluable understanding of the trial strategies and tactics that other criminal defense lawyers do not possess. This comprehensive knowledge and skill translates into complete legal representation and better results for his criminal defense clients.

“I am aware of the prosecutor’s resources and mindset. I can honestly appraise the strength of a case. As a former contributor to the D.A.’s “brief bank,” I am knowledgeable on both sides of legal arguments involved in a criminal trial. Also, as a former instructor at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department on Search and Seizure, Miranda and Civil Forfeiture issues, I have a good relationship with many of the officers and strong knowledge in those areas that I can use to my client's advantage.”

- Criminal Defense Attorney Martin Hart

In addition to the above practice areas, Las Vegas, Nevada Criminal Defense Attorney Martin Hart represents cases related to: Personal Injury, Automobile Accidents and Injuries, Construction Accidents, and Slip and Fall/Premise Liability matters. Nevada criminal attorney Martin Hart is adept at both negotiations and trial, and provides skilled legal counsel and representation to English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese and Korean speaking clients.

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